_____ iNavier ______

iNavier is a Navier Stokes equation solver. It is a pressure based segregated solver. The velocity pressure coupling is by SIMPLE algorithm. The current release of solver provides with following turbulence model:
  • laminar
    For steady solver the following turbulence models are available:
  • spalart-allmaras
  • kw-sst
    For unsteady solver the following additional models are available:
  • spalart-allmaras-des
  • kw-sst-des
  • smo-les
  • rng-les
    The time stepping is by second order implicit time stepping procedure.

    Sparse Matrix Solvers

    iNavier is equipped with Algebraic Multigrid solver, which is robust and fast on convergence.

    Last Release

    iNavier_1_2_3_Windows (Date: 21 June 2007)

    If you are planning to use iNavier for base code for your research, feel free to communicate with me. I would be glad to help you out with addition of new models to main code. Please check a small tutorial tip I have added in documentations explaining how to add new transport equation / model to iNavier. Please give me your feedback, because of this I would be modifying documentations and making things better.


    The current version is written thinking about students, so that it could be used as a code for learning. The student version shall not change very much from here, though I shall be adding documentations slowly to it.

  • Contacts
    For any information regarding iNavier, I could be contacted on following emails:
  • arjun.yadav@yahoo.com
  • zxaar@yahoo.com
  • zxaar@users.sourceforge.net

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